19 September 2008

still alive

*had an allergic reaction to a NSAID, which is basically hyped-up ibuprofen, throat swelling and chest tightness; fought with my dr's nurses about going to the ER, then went to the ER, only to 1) try to give them my parents' address as my own and 2) get sent to occupational medicine ... because a drug allergy is related to the worker's comp case that brought about the drug prescription? and four hours later, when i've been sent back to the ER, and see finally a real doctor who just will do something, and am falling asleep in the exam room and really even more out of it ... the reaction is waning and so they don't give me anything. thx guyz.

*bilateral carpal tunnel, wrist tendinitis, and elbow tendinitis. everyone doctor-related keeps asking, really? you're only 25? yes, yes.

*saw an occupational therapist, awesome older woman who's done this for 38 years. she made me a custom splint (which sadly is still irritating my far-too-bony wrist--do you have the bony bump on the far side? it's annoying when wearing splints) and gave me TWO ELBOW GEL PROTECTORS which in short are tube socks with the feet cut off and a pad of thermal gel stuck in at the elbow. they are AWESOME. i'm on zero pain meds right now and, while still in some pain, am in much less pain.

*this story's ongoing moral: don't ignore pain. you shouldn't be feeling pain--it isn't normal. (i kind of figured it was.)

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