08 September 2008

I Can Be So Wrong

*not allergic to mold or dust. Had an allergy skin test today (the horror and pain! I am verifiably sensitive to everything) and ... am allergic to ONLY tree and ragweed pollen. Then had a systemic reaction to the test that did not, thankfully, get as far as any kind of anaphylactic shock--more like crazy itching and hives. Very significantly allergic, and this does help explain the whole pain of spring-summer-early fall, but really? Is my war with mold over?

*still have carpal tunnel, still hurts, blah blah blah

*I have wasted the years of my life during which I have not been watching Arrested Development.

*Rethinking all future career choices in light of this carpal tunnel thing.

*Aveeno makes really wonderful, non-irritating products ...


broken570 said...

i freaking told you arrested development is the best show ever made. and now that i'm gone you start watching it?!

come on!

Christine said...

yeah, you also told me that relativism isn't cool, and you were wrong about that.

i read in the Chronicle (of Higher Education) about a lit theory/crit movement called ... literary darwinists. it is exactly what it sounds like: bad science and bad news.

karen joyce said...

DUH. it's on stuff white people like! and me...
uuh HEY so what's going on? I feel a void. miss you. I am sorry about your carpal tunnel. how was steph's visit? will talk to you soon.