28 February 2008

since the last post

I have:

--ordered handspun/hand-dyed, beautiful yarn
--ordered a million dollars in dye and yarn to do it myself
--read through my new books about dye a million times
--read through VEGANOMICON nearly all the way through ... it is a tome, folks.
--lost my sense of time (seriously, I don't know if things happened two days ago or three weeks ago)
--gotten the flu. or something flu-y.

The last one I blame on Noah. We're thinking that last week, his cough maybe was really the flu, but since he had a flu shot, it mutated into a dry cough, then wet cough, then constant cough, then nothing.

I have no such flu shot. And it is so weird feeling just so tired. And the chest aching, and the headache, and the fever/chills combo. I can do colds okay -- I have the practice -- and sinus infections, while hell, are a breeze. But waking up to a dry cough? What? I don't really know what to do with myself.

So I'm taking AirBorne; that is freaky stuff. And I spent four hours at home sick in the middle of the day. And I'm planning on going to work, and then maybe coming home and doing what I can here.

Where is the mucus production?! What is this phantom sore throat thing and sore lungs, I guess, thing and no-reason headache?! I can't handle new viruses. Cannot do it.

Oh another 'since last post' thing:
--my biggest freelance editing job is in hiatus; her manuscript is DONE
--my boss told me I have a great personality and, I quote, "not to sound hokey, but you're kind and loving." It had context, and it made sense, but I don't want to give you that context. I just want you to know my boss told me I'm kind and loving.


And we have a new windshield.

And the cats won't stop licking each other. I think it's just affectionate, but if cats had sexual desire, or if their version of desire could match our construct of desire, I think my cats would be Greek men embracing the love that has no name. It does have a name, though, and its name is incessant licking.

It is way better than them only fighting, though. A much better thing.

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