08 February 2008

A day for grunge

Or at least post-grunge, pirate-inspired fashion and music.

It is actually that bad.

The world has turned and left me here
Just where I was before you appeared
And in your place, an empty space
Has filled the void behind my face

Do you believe what I sing now?
Do you believe what I sing now?
Do you believe?

You know, I just want things to untangle a bit. Just let this one thing happen over here, and something else just delay, and not need to do them all and deal with them all and feel them all (most obnoxious) at once.

I did one of those wake up in the night dripping with sweat things again. No excuse for being overheated this time either -- cold room and few blankets.

How, friends, do you self-soothe? And how do you do it when you have 7 more hours of work, and then more this weekend?

My first idea is knitting and watching BSG again. And chocolate. And sleep.


Kristen said...

Chocolate, you say? Does that mean you got my package? I've been concerned, because I didn't insure it or track it or anything, I assumed that between here and Urbana nothing terribly awful could happen to it. The post office lady may have made an error with the postage because it was a flat rate priority box and I'm not sure she charged me the right amount.

Please do say you received my package! And whether it was in good tasty condition when it arrived. If it has not gotten there, I will send another.

Christine said...

I did indeed receive it! It is ALL SO DELICIOUS! Yours is not yet in the mail, I'm afraid, nor edible, but hopefully at least half as nice.

I particularly love the lavender honey ones ... oh my. I shared a few, and those lucky folks all said OH MY, where can we get some?!

Received received and ravished with love.

Kristen said...

oh Good! Good good good.

I tried to pick things I thought you would like. As much as I chose them and packaged them with love, they will probably not be as special as what you send, because I have a hunch you are sending something you made with your own two hands! I will be terribly pleased to get whatever it is whenever it is ready.

That particular lavender honey piece is called Palet au Miel and all the pieces in your assortment are by Michel Cluizel, and hopefully your friends can locate them on our website if they want to order. You, however, can request any chocolate you want directly from me! I am most happy to send chocolate to friends at any time.