16 February 2008

bad nights, good newspapers

I know, I know, I know. I didn't make it to the 9L opening. I know.

I needed to be home. So I was.

I think I hit a dream-record last night: dreaming about the murders of two friends, separately. AHHHH. I woke up with the driving impulse to read local news and make sure they're okay. I checked facebook instead, which in hindsight makes no sense at all -- if you had been recently murdered, would you go to the trouble of changing your facebook status?

No, because you would be dead.

Okay, local news, you are unhelpful as always. Last time I worried about a friend like this, I ended up calling all the (two) ERs in town. Doesn't seem so feasible this time.

Also? St. Louis Post Dispatch? I respect you for writing, or trying to write, an article about Meachem Park's connection to Kirkwood and the recent shooting at Kirkwood City Hall. Thank you for trying. Thank you for talking about the white churches of Kirkwood, where I grew up attending, and that UMC hosted Thorton's funeral. I don't know if First Pres, where I attended and where one of the victims was a prominent member, would have been able to.

And what is with stltoday.com's pictures of Highway 40? Is it that interesting? I would want to know where and when it was closed ... not really reminisce about it online.

oh, StL, StL. I think we'll end up moving to San Francisco or Chicago. I still like you, but man are you are a disaster.

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Kristen said...

San Fran and Chitown? Could two places be any more different? You should live in the actual city here before writing us off. Or maybe I just don't want everyone to move away. I like it here. Of course, if I could afford to move somewhere like Chicago or New York, I might. But I'm probably never going to be married to an engineer, or married to anyone at all, or make any serious money of my own; i.e., become a famous successful artist person. Erf.

Next time you're in the Lou I'm going to abduct you and make you ride the bus with me to see all the amazing old buildings around town in various states of disrepair. I took the bus to work today instead of the train and the buildings make me think the way you do with your art stuff in that other post. (Articulate! Yay!) Object things, installation things. Of course I don't really know what I'm talking about. Anywho.