06 February 2008

In which she freaks out about snowfall

Maybe rapid snowfall is scary to me right now because

1.) I have a window that makes it easy to watch; an inch on cars in the last half-hour ...
2.) I wore my highest-heeled boots today for no good reason
3.) I did not wear a hat today
4.) climate change is always scary.

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Kristen said...

The Post website has a poll question on there all the time and the current one is something like "Are you scared of our new winter insanity?" It is a bit disturbing, but keeps us on our toes.

Did you get anything in the mail yet? Hm? I hope it is not lost or damaged.

Also: fiber company: This Old Yarn?
It's not that great because I guess you'd actually be making new yarn. And it's not supposed to really be like This Old House because I was trying to tie in (ha-ha) the idea of telling a yarn. I fail!