28 December 2007

number 51

Dude, I had 50 posts and didn't even know it. Duuuude.

Coffee-shopping it with Laura, "working from home," on my first latte and third caffeinated beverage of the day, the first being a pot of black tea ... feeling glad I knit myself fingerless mitts last winter with desperation. This winter I think I'll knit myself some in alpaca, because it's warmer than wool, and because I wear these things to pieces.

Off tonight to 'Appy Hour and Sweeney Todd. Yup.

I have misplaced an entire bag of whole wheat flour. The possibility that I used it all exists, but only in a small way; it's far more likely I lost it. Other things I have lost: a pair of jeans one summer; several watches; three-inch blade pocket knives, to airport security and the general universe; an Israeli bracelet from Noah in Paintbrush Canyon in the Tetons (I had it on when I went in, but not when I came out the next day); several pairs of dress shoes and 'real' earrings one summer in college; a favorite black cotton shirt ... so really, it isn't that weird to have lost a bag of flour, except my kitchen is not large, and where else would I put a bag of flour?

I wish I didn't get so cold so easy. I'm in the mood for an early winter camping trip. I used to go on one annually with my dad and brother; they'd put me in between them to sleep in our two-person tent, in my own 20-degree bag with another one spread out on top of me. I kind of was warm enough. But that was Missouri, and it wasn't 20 degrees on those trips, not like here.

Also, I'm ready to go vegetarian. I've been thinking this for a while, and the only worry is that vegetarianism seems like veganism with significant cheating to me, and milk products suck for me because I have more than enough mucus already ... but I can't afford the meat I want to eat (free-range and organic) and not the cheese and milk products either ... but good lord Crane Alley makes an excellent burger with portabellas, onions, and gorgonzola that made me rethink this whole thing.

So what I'm really thinking is I like/d being vegetarian, and that it always makes me want to go vegan, except vegan is hard to pull off. I might do it anyway.

And I might not. Last time I was vegetarian hardcore, not like the two years I spent afraid of cafeteria food but the real no-meat six months of my life, I also stopped eating rich foods (think fried, along with eggs) and sugar/s. I dropped weight like crazy. I also lost muscle like crazy, culminating in a sudden inability to lift heavy things (like toolboxes) -- quite different from the months before, when I would lift fifty pound bags of dry clay and not blink. All this changed when I realized that not only was I not eating meat, but I wasn't eating ... and I started longing for lunch meat ... and I ended my vegetarianism. Yeah, for lunch meat.

Veganism is cool, though. But I'd eat honey.

Okay, now my thumb is aching randomly and I'm going to leave.


Adam Deutsch said...

Don't do it.

jW said...

This bud's for you:


Do it.

Kristen said...

I think vegetarianism is a bit silly. I really liked a cookbook I found once called "Almost Vegetarian" but other people thought that was silly. I eat vegetarian most of the time just because I eat cheap, but I do so enjoy meat every so often. Even after seeing Sweeney! Which I love love love by the way. It stands up to repeat viewings, especially with gin and tonics. Hello Moolah theater! Have I missed your St. Louis time?

Christine said...

Kristen, I am here indeed! And SO SAD.