17 December 2007

Handwashing etiquette, people!

Okay, I have not always been the most stringent handwasher. Nor have I historically been interested in hygiene ... I've never been dirty beyond belief, but there have been periods of time during which showering, teeth-brushing, shaving, hairbrushing, and general concerns of appearance and smelliness have been my last priority. I'm much cleaner now. I'm not considering dreadlocks anymore.

Insert montage here of me eating food off the ground -- as in, the forest floor, pulling my fingers through my hair and finding more snags than hair, including one unintentional dread in the back, a friend's boyfriend telling me I smell ...

But people! HANDWASHING. It is simple, it is effective, and it even feels nice -- warm water, decent soap, that "so fresh and so clean clean" feeling. COME ON. And especially if, perhaps, you work in an office building where 50 people or so use the same bathroom, and those 50 people bring between 1 and 10 people's germs with them to work, and perhaps some of us have the crappiest immune systems ever -- WASH YOUR HANDS.

For 15 seconds. Count them.

I am terrified to touch the faucet handles in the bathroom now. I am usually far more into conserving water, but I think I've been forced into 15 seconds of washing with the water on, then towel-drying my hands, then turning off the water. I'll find other ways to conserve water.

Martha's January issue has a section on how to eat to fight colds. I think I need to buy this issue, even though I already know all her tips. I can post it on my fridge and ask myself, Self, when did you last eat kale? Let's eat some kale.

Things I'm thankful for lately: a kind husband who offers to drive me to work in the snow; friends who give us their produce before leaving town (oh the organic fruit and vegetables!); friends in general; a brain that still works; good modern medicine. Decongestant can father my children any day.

Let's start thinking food for the holidays, too. What food equals holiday? I missed out on latkes. I'll probably make a kugel anyway.

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