13 December 2007

a catalouge of events

Much has happened.

Noah's mom passed away last week in her sleep after a 17-year fight with Huntington's disease. We had a great memorial service; her body has been donated to science; seeing his family was awesome; and in the end, we ate far too much lasange. I never imagined I would get sick of lasange. Maybe I just want mine, with all the sausage, onions, wine, and broiled eggplant.

Officemate Kyle and I have been moved into a new office. It has big windows, is a corner office, gets way more solar gain, and we share it with another person. She telecommutes most days, so we haven't seen her yet. We have room for a Christmas tree ...

My parents have been married thirty years. We had lasange with them Sunday. Srsly, more lasange.

I am hell-bent on knitting more than I have ever knit before. It helps me sleep, it helps me think, and I want to be a professional knitter. I want to start dyeing yarn today. I want to design patterns.

I may be taking Noah's mom's weaving loom, though I don't know how to weave. Can it be that hard?

Can it, really?

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