18 December 2007

daydreamy day

I have a great idea for handmade Christmas cards. Like really great. Super-great, even. I need watercolor paper (I may have some already), I need a silver pen or glitter maybe and maybe not, I need brown paint, but really I need TIME.

things left to do:
--finish one knitted cat doll
--finish the dog ears on one knit hat
--finish other knit hat with animal ears
--record myself reading to my niece who is fascinated by my voice
--decide to make another baby hat, or not; get yarn, or don't
--finish one knit cuff bracelet
--decide on two more presents
--purchase two (now one) decided-on presents
--wrap them all

If I want several small boxes for wrapping things ... can I get them somewhere? Like small shirt boxes and jewelery-size boxes? I've never thought of buying this before, but I bet I could buy them indeed.

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