22 December 2007

The problem with traveling is ...

how much yarn do I take with me? Thankfully my needles are easily condensed.

Things to finish knitting before Christmas morning:
--one arm, two legs, one tail, and two ears for a knitted cat doll in shocking pink
--one floppy dog ear on one psychedelic purple hat for oldest niece
--two other indiscriminate ears for other hat for younger niece
--a lot of the Apple IIE hat we're fashioning for our cube-headed niece (oh, there will be pictures)

That list is so much shorter than it was a few days ago. Goodness.

After we buy one book at the store, our shopping is DONE. My present for Noah is even wrapped; he's still asleep, which makes the subterfuge easy.

To knit before Jan. 8:
--one scarf for one man I love very much, in a Fibonacci-derived stripe sequence, in charcoal grey and burnt orange alpaca yarn

To knit before I leave stl if it's possible:
--a small soft thing for a dear friend of whom I am very proud

And then it's time I start some socks for myself, people. I may pay Birgitte to teach me, even. I may just read on Knitty and go to it, too. I've decided the only way I want to learn to knit socks, and thus, the only way I want to knit them, is toe-up on two circular needles. I think I'll split my yarn into two balls when I ball it, too, so I know exactly how tall they can be. I love tall socks. Like knee-high.

I think I got a cold yesterday. YESTERDAY. We started heading to bed, I started a combination dry/wet cough, and now I'm all sore inside, my sinuses hurt as per usual, I'm worried about the babies in Saint Louis ... so it goes, I suppose. It is winter, after all. I have my antibacterial lotion, which I will wield with great force.

So yeah, we're leaving today. We are not packed, Noah is still asleep, I am not dressed -- but we are leaving. Sometime.

Produce in the fridge I wish we'd eaten already, instead of falling asleep on the cough nearly every night this week:
--two bunches of watercress with roots attached
--beautiful celery hearts
--one pear (I think we can handle that)
--tasty dates and figs (well, I can get rid of those ... with my belly)
--six zested lemons, and a bunch of other lemons and limes
--white potatoes and sweet potatoes

Maybe I'll bring some of it with us. It's a short drive, relatively.

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