02 November 2008

"...up with which we shall no longer put!"

Okay, I love Keith Olbermann (I call him Keithy) and since SNL is redeeming itself for a decade-long slump this season, I shall link to Ben Affleck's skit of Olbermann. Or Keithy. Whichever. The man does have impeccable grammar, which is at least half the reason for my love, and Ben A. does it well. I may watch it three times today.

Since everybody knows I'm moving in the summer, and looking for jobs in a very not-sure-what-town-I-should-look-in way, I will also give y'all the scoop on me. Noah and I are applying to Teach for America--not sure what will happen, not sure if it's for me, but it seems like applying is the way to find out. I'm also starting to consider applying for grad schools, e.g. PhD programs, in creative writing and other stuff. What program will let me study creative writing (my own), creative writing pedagogy, and trauma theory/contemporary poetry all at the same time? Sounds kind of like a lit program, or a lit/cw program, or a ... program in education. T for A has all these partnerships with master's and PhDs in education ... like money-giving partnerships ... I don't know, man, I don't know. I miss big words.

Other options: find a great little press that I can do everything for (hi Graywolf!); work for some arts-based initiative, company, museum, gallery, thing; freelance developmental editing and something else to fill in the gaps, like copyediting or breadmaking; dye yarn; make bread; make pots once I know it won't hurt me; write a lot; on and on. Other options welcome.


Adam Deutsch said...

Planning for the future is scary. I don't really do that anymore. What school did Zak go to?

Christine said...

Zak went to Ranken Technical: http://www.ranken.edu/. He didn't like that they made him keep his hair trimmed and stay clean-shaven, but otherwise, he seemed to like them a lot. They do some undergrad-like requirements, but I'm guessing you could test out of a freshman-comp-like class with no troubles :)

Sorry I peaced out last night. I will call you soon.

Laura said...

tfa, eh? scary.

broken570 said...

i don't think that sketch is supposed to be flattering for little keithy. might i ask why you love him so? i think he's kind of a jackass. but...as you know, my heart was stolen long ago by that handsome brian williams.

why get a phd?

i say we take our band on the road.

or i say that you should go to japan.

karen joyce said...

WAT? teach for america? wow! i still hope you come here... ! i'll call you this/next week. love you.