13 November 2008

Well ... no Teach for America for me. They're not interviewing me further. I feel quite weird about it, but whatever reasons they may have all lead to me not working with them, and so, I will work with/for someone/thing else. Noah's job prospects are changing--another consulting firm and another chance for Seattle and further interviews with T for A--so we are quite up in the air. Way up.

I'm not wearing splints during the day anymore, and taping instead, which is great except the tape wrecks my skin and there's no way I can tape everyday. So I did yesterday, didn't today, maybe will tomorrow.

To everyone I haven't gotten back to: I love you all, and I am sorry, and I will. With no date specified. Try calling me again. I am this absent-minded.

What to give one's father-in-law for the holidays? If I could knit, it would be so easy: socks, fingerless mitts, a hat, something. If only I had some of my mugs kicking around, or something ... he and I both like tea, but he also has everything he needs ...

In general, folks, what do you see me as being good at? I am adrift when it comes to this lately. This T for A thing is throwing me off like someone punched me in the gut.

And maybe there are bigger things to worry about.


broken570 said...

i know how the suckerpunch of rejection feels. i'm still not sure this is what i want to be doing. and since i don't know what i'm good at, i couldn't begin to tell you what you're good at.

so instead of telling you what you're good at, i'll tell you to pursue what you want to. what do you really desire to do more than anything else in the world?

and your link...is horrifying.

karen joyce said...

yes your link is so horrifying and i do not believe it! anything could happen at anytime! and we could be much better or much worse off, but hopefully.. we will be fine. blah.

i cant believe that about Teach for America. i don't know what they were thinking, but you could go on being upset, or think about what to do instead, and i'm glad you're doing the latter. you're multi-talented and creative, and especially good at listening and guiding people, giving practical advice... then there's the whole artsy side to you. i think you're onto something with the trauma therapy...

Laura said...

dude. be thankful about tfa. also, i did not go to your link, but will now that i have seen folks' horrified comments about it.

things i can see you being good at: having your own fishing/cooking show that involves catching catfish by hand in a muddy river and then making some insanely complex dish after multiple trips to trader joe's and bleaching the kitchen from top to bottom. making sweaters for abandoned cats. poetic terrorism starts at home.

maybe stay away from repotting any more aloe plants. :)

coffee soon? my week slows down after wednesday.