28 October 2008

read with me/vote with me

Al Qaeda endores McCain:

"Yet the endorsement of Mr. McCain by a Qaeda-affiliated Web site isn’t a surprise to security specialists. Richard Clarke, the former White House counterterrorism director, and Joseph Nye, the former chairman of the National Intelligence Council, have both suggested that Al Qaeda prefers Mr. McCain and might even try to use terror attacks in the coming days to tip the election to him.

“From their perspective, a continuation of Bush policies is best for recruiting,” said Professor Nye, adding that Mr. McCain is far more likely to continue those policies."

Are there any reasons left to vote for McCain? Honestly?

Okay, I do still agree with him on two things: (1) corn subsidies tied to ethanol production are no good at all since it takes more energy to produce ethanol than ethanol provides; there are things like, you know, the sun and the wind which cost NOTHING that we could subsidize instead; and corn is, well, still good for eating--especially in the middle of a global food crisis (though in an election year, I forgive Obama for sidestepping the issue entirely); (2) nuclear power is an energy option that needs to be seriously considered--the current methods of its production disallow nuclear meltdown, and they are insanely efficient, hence better, than crap options like clean coal. "Clean" coal? More like "what's going to happen when those hydrogen-filled caverns break through the earth and kill me" coal. And again, the sun, the wind ...

But notice that is two subpoints of energy policy. The man has left me gaping with everything else he says.

I don't like abortion but I want to run as far away from legislating "moral choices" about people's bodies as possible; I don't like either candidates' take on gay marriage (I want more equality, if you were wondering); I'm not convinced that any options for health care reform and economic crisis-averting are going to work.

But good god I'm ready to vote. But I think I'll wait until the 4th. Voting early sounds like a hoax.


broken570 said...

is that for real? seems outlandish. i mean, it makes sense, but...wow.

there are no reasons left to vote for mccain, no. and i'm puzzled by your wording. there never were any reasons to vote for mccain, so it's odd to say there are none left if there were none to begin with.

i voted early. florida is a battleground state, and people here are nuts. i only had to wait about ten minutes, but when i got out, there was a huge line. hoax or not, i'm glad it's over with. now i just have to sit back and wait to see if the world will explode.

Christine said...

well, if you trust the New York Times, it's for real ...

i agree that you and i had no reasons to vote for mccain, and what we're looking at now is a negative number of reasons to vote for him. i try to be capable enough of imagining views opposite of mine to think that someone, somewhere, has reasons for voting for him. i was kind of imagining that.

but after the man used sarcastic quotes to disparagingly discuss a mother's health and its relationship to various kinds of necessary abortions ... yes, go ahead and blanket literally half of the world's population, their health, and their ability to make decisions about their health with a sarcastic, partisan, ugly gesture.

how're things?

broken570 said...

things are pretty good. heading into home stretch, when i will have to grade a crapload of papers and write a crapload of papers myself. but tomorrow is halloween, so i have that to look forward to.

you and noah are going as ninjas, yes? any awesome plans?

Christine said...

well, we were thinking mccain/palin, but now he's thinking of being an assassin from ... a video game ... that i think is on the orange box for 360 ... and i'm either a lady assassin or his target in my crazy gold-beaded dress and blond wig. we're going to a friend's party; i think i'm making a peach pie.