29 November 2008

Sickness and Trauma Theory

My pecan pie was fine. I do want to try Carl's recipe that does not call for corn syrup ... interesting idea.

Noah is alternating sicknesses and allergy attacks and then is fine and then is getting me sick. Wahoo four day weekend of sickness!

I am also relearning trauma theory. I just diagrammed and outlined a 19-page paper of mine, a process I've advised others to do but never have done myself. Enlightening. Also makes me want to delete half of the draft and add in five to ten pages of smarter-sounding awareness of one of the subfields I'd like to study.

Which also means I'm rereading Blanchot's The Writing of the Disaster. Here, so you can share the joy with me:

To read, to write, the way one lives under the surveillance of the disaster: exposed to the passivity that is outside passion. The heightening of forgetfulness.
It is not you who will speak; let the disaster speak in you, even if it be by your forgetfulness or silence.


karen joyce said...

uh, i posted on mine! and if we can't talk i will die. i'll call you NEXT weekend when i can steal my life back from northwestern. love you. i feel so behind on your life, but my turkey pesto panini/chicken soup are making me feel better!

broken570 said...

the sickness unto death.

so why the fascination with trauma theory?

emory came up in a conversation with the philosophy chair yesterday...he said they were a little quirky there.