15 November 2008

Things I Like

*trauma theory

*trauma theory and creative writing, and ethics, and the evaluation of creative writing in light of trauma theory

*teaching creative writing well and learning in a CW classroom/workshop

*creative writing pedagogy: the revolution, by me


*nonfiction writing about landscapes, especially western

When everything is over and done, what do I want to have done? Made things, written things, shared the making and the writing with others. Cooked and eaten things I feel good about cooking and eating. Been a positive output to the world at large. Maybe teach people, maybe directly help others to write better and communicate their ideas well.

I feel more and more strongly that it's easier to see where I don't belong than where I do or might. In example: I don't belong in a company whose product I'm not invested in (which cancels out, you know, most of everything); I don't belong in a position where I'm unable to direct my own tasks or offer input regarding a project (which is also nearly everything). That leaves ... editorships in literature, teaching things maybe, making things, freelance developmental editing, and I'd imagine that I'd be good at reviewing books for a bookseller. Scholarly work in CW, trauma, pedagogy ... volunteer work with things like 826 ...

Well, first I need to eat, and that means tempeh chili.


jw said...

I'd imagine that I'd be good at reviewing books for a bookseller.

I've imagined this too.

Christine said...

Yes, but about yourself, or me?

jw said...

About you, of course.