07 August 2008

Things I Am Learning

--Capitalization rules according to CMS 15.

--I love feisty older women. Older = 60s and beyond. One is a coworker, who I did not love for some time, but then came to love once she called the book's author "a fussy ass." Other examples: my great-grandmother Nana, who died at 98 with a perm still in her hair, still caring; my best boss ever Vera in the RV park, who cut her own hair, could burn you in your place with her eyes, and drove me the whole two blocks to the cafeteria after I sprained my ankle.

--My older cat hates vacuums, but not as much as the younger, and this difference of hate carries over to lots of things: car noise; thunder storms; my absence.

--Looking stylish is not so much about looking good all the time; it's more like something large about you looks good right then. This is different than "being stylish" which can only be observed over time. Looking stylish can be achieved by wearing great heels, combing your hair that morning, and walking really fast. If you followed my inner monologue at work, you'd agree. All these stylish people, walking so fast in heels.

--I smell different in summer.

--When all my friends at work are gone, work is really lonely, and my people-watching and daydreaming increases tenfold. It isn't a large company, so the people-watching is limited; the daydreaming feels unlimited, but since I think and work in fifteen-minute increments on my timesheet, I can feel the reasonable limit of daydreaming approach.

--Maybe you didn't know this about me, but I'm a third-wave feminist, and so is Liz Phair.

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karen joyce said...

if you are lonely, call me!
i hope this is okay, i just started a blog and added you to my links!!!!!
henceforth, i will be known as givemeaspoon!
NOW! (cant you see me saying that?!)