21 October 2008

(in facebook status format)

is convinced her nightly healing imagery therapy is working good things on her canker sore.

is still in stl.

is sweeping up the remains of her shattered neti pot.

is now using a new, all-plastic neti pot and breathing free.

is now smelling that whiff of death that comes from inside her head when her sinuses are clear.

is a little sick of passive voice, oh well.

is also sick of resting her elbows, wrists, hands, and arms.

is glad to have taught some really great poetry students who are pursuing poetry in various ways. she's getting interested in creative writing pedagogy again.

is almost definitely moving to chicago.

is praying that republicans don't steal the election again.


broken570 said...

1. how ARE you?
2. why are you in stl?
3. noah=job=christine in chicago? when will this happen? are you more excited or nervous?
4. i'm sad to hear about the death of the famous neti pot, but glad you have a replacement.
5. i hate grading students. especially when they get low grades. it makes me feel like an asshole.
6. i haven't had any beer since the last extravaganza. but i have a feeling i'll revisit the experience on halloween at our party. we're having a keg. and yes, i save the crappy beer for last. although, really, none of it was very good. it was no dragon's milk, if you know what i mean.
7. still listening to a/c on? i listened to that the other day. it's good stuff. everyone knows it.

Christine said...

1.) i am ... not doing as badly as i might be?

2.) my texas grandma came to visit here, it's amelia's second birthday, and since i'm only doing pages, the pages can travel with me. so i'm here for over a week and reading the godawful lussier ig. it's worse than the book, if that can be believed.

3.) more excited, and the premise you provide is true. apparently, in chicago, employment can be found in the fields of art and poetry. or at least great volunteering can be found.

4.) the whiff of death is back; grading students is the worst part of teaching; i hear that using a rubric with a point-driven breakdown of key assignment objectives makes it easier. blame the numbers for failing them, not you, i guess.

5.) mm, dragon's milk.

6.) a/c on still, somehow, hasn't made it to my ipod, so for now it comforts me at work. also listened to 2.0 the other day and marveled at my genius of song listing. in the months you have been away, you may have forgotten how great i am at arranging songs, so i will remind you as a public service.

7.) are you coming back anytime soon? band practice and pancakes! pancakes for everyone!