22 April 2009

Am I Really Okay with This?

Doing some editing on a dissertation, and the references have no style. Fashion police, no; they adhere to no one school of style. And this really bothers me. BOTHERS ME.

But they are mostly consistent to themselves. And the dissertation committee members apparently do not care.

However ... I care. Poor little unstyled citations, I care about you. Because I know three different schools of style and can recite them. Honestly. I recognize them on sight. I am an editor. This is what I know.

I am leaving them alone. I am. I am. I am. Breathe.

And should I capitalize "with"? I am undecided on that one.


broken570 said...

never compromise, even in the face of armageddon. or the dissertation committee.

capitalize 'with' and you will be happier.

Lassie said...

really? i'm always tempted to not look up the styles and just make them consistent...

Bhibha said...

awww - i DEFINITELY appreciate your knowledge of "style" =)