16 July 2008

"If Panache is What It Takes to Brighten the Musty Corners of Your Soul"

Got a raise! It just overtakes the cost of inflation!

I am actually excited, actually, because this means I feel okay eating the pomme frites with truffle oil and creamy Parmesan sauce, drinking the hoppy draft beer, eating the Custard Cup Heath snowstorms.

And Jeff, yes, these salt blocks ... they speak to me. I want seven.

Take it from the salt people:

"h) If panache is what it takes to brighten the musty corners of your soul, try serving up an entire meal using large round or square Himalayan salt plates. Moist foods take on a touch of saltiness, dry foods do not, and everything glows with the otherworldly power of the ancient world (see Ogling below)."


1 comment:

jw said...


Small dishes served on hot (and cold) salt plates with heaps of fresh and interesting ground peppers.

Beef carpaccio, tomatos, fresh mozzarella, and so on.

I liked especially the idea of ice cream on them.