21 May 2008

What Being Alone Can Do for You

1.) Scones. Vegan, banana, dried blueberry, and walnut scones. It feels like a super food frenzy. That's Super Food. I'll eat them tomorrow.

2.) Lots of frantic, love-deprived cat attention. Oh the cats, how they miss Noah. Eto is even calm about his leash and harness being put on him ... cat on harness = best thing ever, especially when Hobbes roams free nearby. Ha-ha.

3.) No dishes, hardly.

4.) An increased reliance on sleep aids and wake-aids, e.g. caffeine. And not caffeine. Feels like the old days, this sweet relax/agitate/relax/agitate cycle. I know it's good (as in not so good) when I don't feel right if my hands aren't vibrating a bit. And when triple-shot lattes are ho-hum. BRING ON THE CAFFEINE. DO NOT STOP MOVING.

5.) Nothing moves in the apartment if I don't move it ... and the car's gas tank does not magically refill itself.

6.) I can't stop singing alone with no music on.

"All right now ladies
What's cooler than cool
all right all right all right all right all right ... "

"On the field I remember you were
hey shut up hey shut up
yeah ...
Andy you're a star
in nobody's eyes but mine"

7.) Anyone want to buy a homemade LCD projector off me? It is one of a kind!

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