29 May 2008

"The Humans Are Dead"

Yes, I am behind the times. Behind the Times.

But I love this Flight of the Conchords song. And why aren't full episodes being hosted semi-legally where I expect to find them? Do I really have to torrent the whole thing? Grumble.

Potters are hilarious; I am having less outbreaks of hives (since you really wanted to know); my cats are both within arms' reach and asleep; I am baking bread RIGHT NOW. Yeah, I get off on the bread-baking timing and then ... stay up late baking it.

Boulder Hazed and Infused is one incredible beer.

Is anyone else ever struck by a yearning for mid-90's bands? Or at least the bands of yore? I could listen to some They Might Be Giants ... and Nine Inch Nails sounds good ... am I getting old? Is this what the space between decades does?

And birthdays; I have one; what to do. Officemate Kyle's is four days before mine. I am in charge of scheming. So far I have "dinner parties can be hard." Ideas welcome.

1 comment:

Kristen said...

chris omg the TOADIES are playing the pageant next month. so very 90s. I will go back to the 90s with you anytime.