08 June 2009

I Haven't Died

Believe me.

My younger cat Eto got sick yesterday after drinking the water-vodka-essential grapefruit oil infusion I made to freshen up my house (DIY reed diffuser, yall), as he knocked it over and drank it and then threw up and squeaked a lot. Terrible and funny. It felt like coaching a kid sneaking booze ...

My brother may be getting a new job, a dream job, doing vintage restoration on cars from the teens to the 80s. Pretty sweet, but we are both not getting our hopes up.

I feel kind of bland, can you tell? Kind of white rice these days. Kind of.

Tell me all how you are.

1 comment:

Tom said...

I know that you have not died because I heard your voice over Zak's cell phone Sunday night...

On the road again, just for 2 days...central Missouri...made it to Warsaw in time for lunch at the good Mexican place there...Enchaladas Rancheros...good stuff...cheese enchaladas covered with pulled roasted pork... One does try to plan ones day so that you are someplace good for lunch..and well...at lunch you start considering supper...

Frozen mango margaritas on special? Sure I will try one! And it was good too.

Been thinking of calling you...so I am sure it will happen soon.

Tore out the yew bushes in front of the house...yanked them out with the Xterra....easier than digging and more fun too!

Raining here....Greetings from Sedalia, Missouri.