07 May 2009

Being Homemade

Because aren't we all, in a way? Or VW bus-made if you let my mom tell you a story ... which can stop right there, Mom! Geez.

I mean yogurt, granola, bread, dinner. Dear Jeff sends me good reading, which is not so different from when he was a student of mine (ha ha! compliment complete), such as this woman who did a cost-benefit analysis on homemade vs. store-bought goods. And she apparently loves this granola, though I argue for this one. Really, the second one is called "honey-toasted" and it didn't burn in the oven like my last batch.

I think my own cost-benefit analysis would turn out differently because we eat differently. And what I make has a lot to do with what doesn't hurt my arms and elbows, so it has to fall into this easy-to-make category of homemade. So, in the last six months, we've gone from eating, say, pasta with crockpot sauce heavy on onions and red wine to marinated, then baked, tofu and frozen stir-fry vegetables. Not a terrible change ... but you should notice the lack of chopping, the lack of stirring, etc.

I shall, then, list out what I make at home and wouldn't change:

1.) Yogurt. No question. I crave the taste of my own yogurt. I drained some yesterday and drank the whey mixed with peach nectar. I put the drained stuff in a yogurt tart. I love love love yogurt and, even with shopping at Aldi, making our own is cheaper than buying. Not by a lot, but by enough, and the taste is much better. I haven't tried the easiest method of making it, which involves letting it sit in a warm place overnight--I'm still using a hot water bath--but the 8 hours would be even easier.

2.) Bread for the right occasions. Mostly that means weekend eating. (Don't you eat differently on the weekend? We graze like crazy. Good crusty bread facilitates this.) Homemade, good bread is easy, I say, and I've been doing it for eight years now, off and on. My bread now veers into no-knead, or all mixer-knead, but either way it is great. And I love the original no-knead recipe--I bake it in my 8-qt. steel stock pot with aluminum foil to cover. Which is developing a roasty patina.

3.) Bath salts. Not edible, but if you take a lot of baths, there is no question. Sugar scrub too.

4.) Hummus. Though I'm disappointed lately with how mine turns out.

Okay, I can go on, but mostly it comes down to me saying, "People still buy that already made? Why?"

And in arm news, I may not get better. This is too sad to say much about. So that is the end of that.

Off to rest, shall we?


C-Smooth said...

Keep trying on the hummus! Remember, lemon juice and cumin are your friends!

Bhibha said...

I need to make sugar scrub with you this summer. I am free after 5/15. We must get Jarlings. I miss you.

broken570 said...

friend, it has been far too long. but i shall return to the land of plains in less than a month, and i expect i shall see you and bhibha once again. then i request that you impart your vast knowledge upon me and make me a maker as well.

the arms. the healing. this is a problem. we shall not speak of such things just yet.

karen joyce said...

OMG i just came up with the perfect idea. Write a book of recipes/food stuff for people who have limited mobility/can't use their arms!

and, i won't talk about the arms not healing if you don't want to. yet, i am much more hopeful.

jw said...

But more importantly, FAT is your friend in hummus. Try a touch more olive oil and perhaps a couple handfuls of pine nuts!