14 December 2008

quick posts again

Christine is ...

*glad to hear Deutsch is en route to San Diego

*wearing splints again, under my own orders

*getting weird pain that wasn't there before, or at least not prominent, and was aggravated today by carrying a plate full of brunch food

*sad that her meat-free brunch food was too heavy for her to carry ...

*probably buying a new MacBook on Tuesday, then VMWare Fusion, then Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10, and hoping that the combination works well enough for the kind of writer and editor I am/she is

*hating facebook's grammar quandries

*thinking, focus on the dissertation and screw everything else, or at least, is trying to use the fact that she's thought about grad school a lot to her advantage

*silently crying at the prospect of more grad school, a little bit, and is gearing up retaliation now: bring on the affirmations, preferably in post-it note form

*going to stop typing now


broken570 said...

i want a new macbook. so hard. but alas, i am a poor grad student, and i will not be able to afford such a beautiful machine.

yes...silently cry. grad school will tear you apart. again. but you know that. you also know that you will survive, because you are a survivor. how many illnesses have you had within the past year or two? and yet here you are, battered and bruised but still alive. so grad school ain't got nothin on you. and if you ever start to drown in the work, let me know. i have plenty of angry/angsty music that is good for release.

how's life? and work? i am finishing up a final right now, and i will be finished with all my finals/papers tomorrow. i still have 47 student papers to grade, but that will go quickly. we should make plans to meet up with the bhibster.

jw said...


Lassie said...

I love my new Macbook, and I have Fusion if you need the disc. Also, I have a cold, but nothing else to do this week besides work. Dana might have folks over to her place Friday night, and you are certainly welcome, or we could finally have our coffee. Maybe I need to pick you up some day and drive us for B&N Starbucks.