11 June 2008

I Feel So Justified

Jack White is in The Raconteurs!

Ha! This band I thought I had a silly obsession with (the obsession is mostly with the opening bass and guitar lines of "Steady As She Goes"), which MADE ME UNCOOL in the eyes of many, actually makes me cool because Jack White of The White Stripes is playing guitar and singing!

\insert T Rex of qwantz.com here, with his open-mouthed second frame\

And if you're an editor, you get why the backslashes are so funny. Ha, ha ha.

Poor officemate Kyle, who has now officially lost the "are The Raconteurs a good band or are they lame" debate, who has suffered (or 'suffered') through my incessant blaring of their bass lines -- Kyle is WRONG because they are not lame. They can't be. It's the same as the Beatles' inability to be classified as lame.

So yes, this is news to me, and yes, I am that behind the times, though not on quinoa. I am also lately like "oh this Amy Winehouse is nice, too bad about the rehab and that "Rehab" song of hers, I like "Back in Black" as an album title."

Yet in other areas I am SO FAR AHEAD of everyone that it is hard to explain to the masses. That's right, masses. I mean things like Wyoming (read Annie Proulx's Bad Dirt collection of stories; they are good), and things like giving up on functionality, and other things like cowboy boots. Just trust me. I am a trendsetter.

I am not a trendsetter. As poor officemate Kyle says, I am falsehood embodied and should wear a shirt, or hat, with an upside-down capital T on it.

1 comment:

Kyle said...

"poor officemate kyle" sounds like an interesting character. probably the most interesting character.

also, since you yourself claim that you are falsehood, does that mean you are truth? because whatever you say is false. but you are claiming that you speak truth. which is false. unless you're truth, which means you wouldn't say you were false. which means you are a paradox.

which also means, post hoc ergo propter hoc, i am truth and therefore am correct in my conclusions concerning the band.